Born on the 20th of March 1967, in Ponta Delgada, Azores.

Teresa Canto Noronha studied chemical engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa from 1985. But has never worked as an engineer.

Em 1989 she became a journalist and started working for RTP - Radio e Televisão de Portugal, in Lisbon.

From 2000 to 2006, lived and worked in Brussels and Rome, as a Senior International Affairs Correspondent .

On returning to Lisbon, Teresa Canto Noronha integrated the newsroom, as a Senior Journalist, at SIC/TV - Sociedade Independente de Comunicação where she still works.

At the same time, in 2001, she started a career as an artist and has, since then, participated in many individual and collective exhibitions.

The first years where dedicated, mainly, to sculpture and installation using different techniques and materials.
In 2016, Teresa Canto Noronha, incorporated drawing and painting in her art work.
Since 2020 she started using origami and paper folding techniques.


Individual Exhibitions


10th of November to 27th of January 2022 - "De A a...", at Instituto Açoriano de Cultura


- November and December - 'The Fallacy of Perfection' at Palácio da Bolsa in Oporto



- June to September - 'De Ichor a Petrichor', in Casa da Cultura da Lagoa 



- 10th of October to 15th of November - 'Grasping for the Primordial Idea of Architecture', at  Galeria Joana Arez, in Cidadela Art District, Cascais



- 07th of  November to 10th of December - 'in trappola' , at Lx Factory,  Lisbon

- 07th of August to 31st of October - 'Coabitação', at Casa da Cultura de Lagoa  



- 26th of  September to 30th of  October  - 'CQD' , at Galeria CorrenteD' Arte, Lisbon

- 29th of August to 29th of  September - 'On Communication' at Câmara Municipal de Ponta Delgada 



- 23rd of November to 27th of March 2013 - '3 Simples Séries e um Desfecho Inesperado' at  Fórum Cultural de Ermesinde

Collective Exhibitions


- From April to June - 6ª Bienal Internacional de Arte de Espinho


- December -'Arte de Bolso' at Galeria Sete in Coimbra 


- November and December -'Arte de Bolso' at Galeria Sete in Coimbra 


- 21st to 31st of July - 'RE7' by The Nest, in Lisbon

- 14th of July to 4th of August - 'Memórias de Verão' at CAE in Sever do Vouga 



- November and December -'Arte de Bolso' at Galeria Sete in Coimbra 



- 20th of June to 15th of October  - CAD #4, at Cidadela Art District in Cascais '



- 23rd of April to 23rd of May  - 'Oito Artistas Noutro Lugar'  at Casa do Governador, in Beja

- 3rd of March to 30th of March - 'S4 Adjacentes' - Sala do VeadoMuseu de Ciência e História Natural, in Lisbon

- 10th of January to 10th of February - 'ArtEvidência' - Evidência Hotel BelVerde, in Aroeira 



- 17th to the 31th of December - '50 Artistas de Dentro e de Fora' at Casa da Cultura de Alfândega da .

- 1st of November to the 30th of November - 'Bienal de Porto Santo ' at  Lx Factory in Lisbon

- 1th of May to 30th of April - 'Gabinete de Curiosidades' at Galeria Corrente D' Arte in Lisbon